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Let's play word association. I say "Web Hosting." I bet "fat margins" didn't jump into your head. More likely, you thought of some of the "where are they nows" of the bubble, like Exodus and PSINet. Let's do another round - I say "New York City," and I'd wager that "cheap rent" wasn't the first thing you thought of, either. So it may surprise you to learn that one hosting company that's been around since 1993 and that's actually making money, Logicworks (, just happens to be based in New York City. What's their secret? Talk to CEO, Carter Burden, and he'll tell you that they have low customer turnover because of their superb support, and that this also allows them to earn a modest price premium over the competition. One customer raves: "I have been a client of Logicworks for over 6 years. The service has been as close to flawless as anyone has a ri... (more)

Open Source: Changing the Enterprise Software Supply Chain for Good

The open source software development model clearly represents a profound and fundamental change from traditional, proprietary development models. In the proprietary world, a software company invests massive dollars in development, sales, and marketing. They recoup their investment in license fees, which have strict provisions regarding redistribution of the product (you can't), accessing the source code (are you kidding?), and making changes to the source code (call your lawyer). Open Source Software (OSS) turns each of these three provisions on their head: distribute it, look at ... (more)

Who Should Be Behind a Linux "Get the Facts" Campaign

If you do business around Microsoft products, it's obvious where you go for answers on the benefits of their products - Microsoft. However, if you're looking for this kind of information about Linux, where do you go? IBM, Red Hat, Novell, Sun, or all of the above? I believe there's a need for a collective resource for the Linux business case. If you go to, and select Windows Server System from the options on the left and then on the right select Business Benefits, you'll see the following categories: Building efficiency Building connected systems Building intero... (more)

IT Security Spending: It's Like Meeting Your In-laws

Here's an understatement: security has been pretty front and center lately. When was the last time the "S" word hasn't been somewhere on the cover of at least one of the weekly IT magazines? All this focus on security may have left some sys admins feeling a tad like Greg Fokker in the movie "Meet the Parents." For those who haven't seen it, here's the plot. Greg is in love with Pam, and he wants to marry her. However Greg has this little obstacle to overcome - Pam's security-obsessed Dad, played by Robert DeNiro. Greg and Dad don't exactly hit it off because they have very diffe... (more)

MareNostrum Supercomputer (a.k.a. Spain's Brain)

Some exciting things are happening in Barcelona, Spain. In order of presumed interest to LinuxWorld readers, these are: MareNostrum, the fifth fastest supercomputer in the world, which runs SuSE Linux on over 2,000 IBM blades, was recently christened in Barcelona. Barcelona is undertaking a massive (approximately 1 square mile) urban revitalization program of an all-but-abandoned textile manufacturing district right in the center of the city, transforming it into a world-class Technology Park ([email protected]). The Spanish government is moving their equivalent of the Federal C... (more)